About The Artist

For as long as she could remember, Anna has always had a deep passion and understanding for art. Being self-taught, she continuously develops her own personal “dream-like” style – creating realistic although painterly fantasy subject matter, incorporating dreamy backgrounds which allow each painting become a little window into the magical world. She mostly creates with an acrylics, but also occasionally uses metallic paint, glitter and fluorescent paint.

Looking at Anna’s works you get a feeling of her soul in the painting. “Dreamy” is a good way to describe Anna’s works. Her paintings reflect a beautiful world where everything harmoniously coexists. Fantasy and reality, glistening daylight and mysterious moonlight , dreams, magical creatures and their enchanted habitats.

Anna has always been attracted by the fantasy worlds captured among the pages of her favorite books, and this is the main source of inspiration for the creation of her artworks. Her passion translates to her paintings through colors, style, and technique. She hopes that through each piece, the viewer is able to feel something captivating, magical and it will bring true joy to the soul.